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Refinance My Mortgage Loan


woman_standing3There's More Than One Reason to Refinance Your Mortgage Loan with National One Financial Services-

A refinance mortgage loan has unique benefits and reasons for each client. Some clients wish to take advantage of today's historically low interest rates and loan terms. Other clients may desire to consolidate their debt with a consolidation mortgage refinance from National One Financial Services. We may be able to lower your interest rate, consolidate your 1st and 2nd mortgage loan, you can consolidate your other debt, or you can choose to take out some extra cash. Each client's situation is unique, and we can understand that. We are here to help you determine what loan program or product works best for you. Here are some benefits that our clients often take advantage of with a new mortgage loan from National One Financial Services....


  • Some of the lowest mortgage interest rates in the market.....with the service you deserve. Our Mortgage interest rates are some of the lowest in the country. Our significant buying power allows National One Financial Services to negotiate low mortgage rates and terms....which we pass onto you! From your loan application through your loan funding, we are here to make sure you get a low interest rate, combined with top-level service.


  • Same-day loan approvals. Getting your loan approved quickly puts your mind at rest, and allows you to focus on the rest of your life. At National One Financial Services, you will be able to find out exactly what loan you qualify....often as fast as the same day.

  • Take a break from your mortgage loan payments for 1 month...... or more. As a part of your refinance, your next mortgage payment is not due for at least 1 month (or more) after your closing. Occasionally, we can allow you to skip up to (2) months of mortgage payments. Depending on your loan approval and loan type, we have options available to you. Ask your Sr. Mortgage Consultant for specific details.

  • Consolidate your debt. When you consolidate your higher-interest debt such as credit cards, car loans, consumer loans and all other loans, you can lower your payments. Use our DEBT CONSOLIDATION CALCULATOR to calculate your monthly savings.

  • Would some extra cash help you live easier today? Refinancing can give you extra cash to help you accomplish your life dreams or it can even solve your challenges today. Our clients often need this money to do things they have always wanted or even needed to do. Maybe you are ready to take that long-deserved vacation, buy your dream car, or pay-off your other debtors. Maybe you need money to pay for a much needed college tuition, maybe you have unexpected medical or automobile expenses that you didn't expect. At National One Financial Services, our focus is to give you any of the options that you want or need. It's your house and it's your choice.

  • Home improvement loans. Remodeling your home may increase the value of your home. Whether you want to remodel your master bedroom, update your kitchen with all new appliances, add a garage, or even put on a new roof. Remodeling your home not only gives you a happier place to live, but may also increase the value of your home by adding square footage or updates to make your house current with today's trends.

  • Get your money fast. National One Financial Services may be able to close your refinance loan in as little as 7-10 days. We know that you want to get your loan completed quickly to get your money fast. We may be able to close your loan fast with our in-house Underwriting Team and Loan Closing Support Team. Get your money in days, not months. 

Good People with Less-than-Perfect Credit? We Have Special Mortgage Financing Available. 

Banks won't loan you money if your credit is less than perfect. Finance companies seldom will either, and if they do....the rates are at sky-high interest rates. At National One Financial Services we work hard to try and approve home loans for good people who are stuck in the middle. You'll find that our loans may be easier to qualify for, interest rates may be lower, and we will treat you very professionally, regardless of your credit score.


We'll Help You Qualify, Even If Other Lenders Have Turned You Down

National One Financial Services looks beyond the numbers and credit scores. We regard you as an individual. After all, you're a homeowner. You've already shown you know what it takes to succeed. Even if others have turned you down, National One Financial Services will always give you the respect and credit you deserve.

  • Too much existing debt. Conventional lenders will turn you down if they think you have too much debt. At National One Financial Services, our flexible lending standards let us look at you as an individual with a future plan, not just your past. This may allow us to find a loan solution for you where others lending institutions were not able to.

  • Less-than-perfect-credit. We specialize in debt consolidation even if your credit is not perfect. Life sends great people some tough times, and we are aware. You are not alone, and we will do our best to help.

  • Bankruptcy or Foreclosure. Even if you've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past, we work hard to try and approve loans for many people who have had a bankruptcy or a foreclosure. Our goal is to get you the loan approval that you need.

The mortgage to be refinanced must already be FHA insured and have no delinquent payments. The refinance results in a lowering of the borrower's monthly principal and interest payments, or, under certain circumstances, the conversion of an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage. No cash may be taken out on mortgages refinanced using the streamline refinance process. Maximum loan amounts and other restrictions apply. 

*See your tax advisor for details.


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